Welcome to our school web site.  We hope you will enjoy visiting our site, and that you will find it interesting and informative.

St. Joseph’s is a Voluntary Aided Catholic school in the town of Darwen, Lancashire, with 187 pupils on roll in 7 classes from Reception to Year 6. The school on its present site was opened in 1976 close to open countryside and the moorland around Darwen’s Jubilee Tower

At our school we seek to uphold the proud tradition of excellent inclusive Catholic Education supported by the Salford Diocese, and we strive to help each individual in their education for life.

The Mission Statement gives the purpose and spirit of St Joseph’s School and is the document around which all the school policies are written.

Our Mission Statement

  • We at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School value and care for each other       within a safe and secure environment.
  • We encourage the development of each person's potential.
  • We strive to nurture each individual's effective learning on his or her own journey      of Faith towards God and responsible Christian adulthood.

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